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Our History

Landmark Lumber Group was created in 2023 with the merger of The Mann & Parker Lumber Company and Specialty Lumber Company. Together they are the most comprehensive single source of hardwood and softwood wholesale lumber in the Mid-Atlantic region, better able to meet the needs of craftsman, manufacturers, millworks and retailers by offering a broader selection, deeper inventory and exceptional service and delivery.

Mann & Parker Lumber began in 1902 as a partnership between Stephen Mann and Frank Parker in Baltimore, Maryland as a distributor of fine Pennsylvania hardwoods. The company grew and upon the death of its founders was purchased by the Bushman family who added kiln operations in 1964. In 1971, the company relocated to New Freedom, Pennsylvania where it remains today.

Specialty Lumber Company began operations in Manheim, Pennsylvania in 2001 as a small local business dedicated to providing specialty softwood products of consistently high quality in grade and appearance sourced solely through partnerships with small quality-focused softwood mills. This dedication to personalized service and quality partnerships, quickly established Specialty Lumber Company as a leader in softwood lumber.

In 2018, PNC Lumber Company, a local family-owned entity, acquired Specialty Lumber Company. In 2021, PNC Lumber Company purchased Mann & Parker Lumber and operations were co-located on a 27-acre campus in York County facilitating improved customer service with 5 warehouses, 7 dry kilns, a moulding and millwork facility and their own fleet of trucks.

In October of 2023, Mann & Parker Lumber and Specialty Lumber Company were merged to form Landmark Lumber Group becoming the largest full-service wholesale distributor of hardwood and softwood lumber in Eastern Pennsylvania. As a joint entity, their experience and service capabilities are unmatched in the region. All products are offered by a single team of experienced Lumber Consultants ready to serve you. Give us a call today.

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