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Custom door and millwork crafted with Mann & Parker hardwoods

Our Pennsylvania facility houses an experienced millwork team to mould and finish both hardwoods and softwoods to your exact specifications. These services allow you to eliminate steps from your manufacturing process, reducing waste and increasing yield.

Millwork facility services include:

  • Surface planing S1S, S2S and S4S

  • Ripping 1 Edge and 2 Edge

  • Resawing

  • Groove and Notch

  • Cut-to-Size


Custom moulding and millwork project

Creating mouldings requires skill, precision and the right equipment. The Mann & Parker millwork can produce hardwood moulding in over 500 standard profiles. Mouldings are cut using our optimally conditioned hardwoods ensuring stability and consistency of the final product. Our sharpening and cutting capabilities allow for custom profile development to your project specifications.

Contact a Lumber Consultant to discuss your specific needs and receive a quote.

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